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ARC Services - Getting the best out of you
Biography- Alison Richards - Director
Arc Services started in 2010 providing Strategic Business Development Coaching,  Project Management and Training Services. The Company is a principle centred company whose aims are to harness the strengths in individuals and be the catalyst for change. My mission is getting the best out of you through coaching and NLP.
My career started in the Community Arts sector, running a successful Video Production House for 8 years. After completing a BA in Multimedia I worked in Design for 7 years until entering Higher Ed to lecturer in design, video and Project Management.
My discovered my love of ceramics which then took me to France where I ran a retail pottery and training outlet and developed my linguistic abilities. In 2005 when I came to the UK , I focused my energies in teaching Family Learning and English as a Second Oral Language. I progressed to co-ordinate Family Adult Learning and then in a strategic role, working as Parenting Co-ordinator; responsible for  strategic development and Implementation across the borough. 

I became self employed 5 years ago and  integrate coaching  and nlp into all the development and quality work I do.

I provide business development consultancy and have a  track record supporting Community and Voluntary organizations;including capacity building, product development and  infrastructure development. 

I am an Associate Coach with Striding Out CIC Products www.stridingout.co.uk and Future Foundations and have delivered on the National Citizenship residential programme; coaching young people from 16 -18 www.futurefoundations.co.uk
My journey has brought me to invest my skills in transition and personal development coaching and training.  
I am motivated by the challenges and inspired when I witness the synergy and progress that empowering people makes.
 I am a parent with two teenage boys, and they are my guiding light for succeeding and my constant leveller. I currently volunteer as a board member for a local charity and crew with Anthony Robbins.
Key Achievements
Outstanding Learning Awards 2015 - part of team for investigating the impact of Coaching as a development tool for staff in FE.
21st Century – Best New Director Award for Drama on Homelessness - "OUT"
Bafta award on Multimedia installation about BME communities and Aids
Bafta - Interactive Installation for Charlie Parker, BBC Radio Producer.
First Cut television award for Animation piece

Case Studies / Past Projects
1.     Key Birmingham - Barrow Cadbury 
        funded .Providing Strategic Development   
        and Management Consultancy. Identifying 
        the potential and risks, devising 
        governance, strategies and policy to  
        provide a robust infrastructure,building        
        capacity, product development and 
        promoting interdependent partner 
        relationships to progress to a Community 
       Interest Company.
2.    Multi-media family learning and arts 
       participatory installations
3.    Delivered more than 20 individual and 2 
       group personal performance coaching 
       sessions. specialising in business change
       management and transition.
4.    Delivered Train the trainer courses for 
       Practitioners wishing to teach. PTLLS
5.    Project Management for Transition to 
       Adulthood project. Probation Service 
User testimonies:  
“Alison has been highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”Mo Naseem,  Rise4All
“Alison is a talented, caring, value driven leader – “I found her inspiring and engaging, and appreciated her positive influence”Leading Powerful Partnerships Syndicate Director,Lyn Stansfield
John came to me for Personal Performance Coaching “After 35 years of smoking, I had one coaching session with Alison and stopped.” J.Philips.